Thursday, 9 December 2010

Design is the new - EVERYTHING! B.Creative

Simplicity is not the goal. It is the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations - Paul Rand

You are what you are seen to be - Erik Spiekermann

Join the club!

The first proofs of the new cards are here! I'm totally over excited - they look fantastic - if i do say so myself! They're going to work a treat delivering great discounts & member evenings for all who own them.

Monday, 6 December 2010

THEME it till you make it... or was that fake it?!

Christmas is now the perfect time for my love of all things design orientated to be lovingly inflicted on all who know me!
Each year i indulge in a theme for my gift wrap & this year is
"All things bold & beautiful"
I've bough everything i need to complete the look, from festive mini bells, red parcel tape. white & silver plain gift wrap & coloured lolly sticks (all will become clear!) Now all that remains is to compose my gifts & wrap them... i'm not allowing the small obstacle that i have in-fact not purchased all my gifts stand in my way of visual perfection.
I've trawled the net to visualise my theme further & Martha Stewart has come up trumps -

Gifts to make you go mmmm...

I keep seeing this US classic & it looks so good it's my mission for Christmas to make some tasty gifts

Mulberry for TARGET

When dreams come true they look like this! If i could count the amount of times i'd longingly coveted the "Mulberry Bayswater" with its £700 price tag... now Mulberry have given me a treat & done a great new line for the US store Target. Now to just get my hands on one!

MY - Winter Wonderland

Gingerbread Latte & Black-Forest cupcakes - thats what i'm made of! It always gets me in the Festive mood when the seasonal treats are in store! 

The NEW black!

words can't describe = :)