Thursday, 17 February 2011

All things black & beautiful!

This fab patent leather chesterfield is my new muse after seeing one very similar on the Brit Awards the other evening - i just has to search one out! I want one so badly, but at around £2,000 i think i might need to find a new love of upholstery & recreate my own! (eBay here i come)  or you can splash the cash check out -

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Pirate pug'wash ahoy'

More doggy style'

Valentines Pie

My very first attempt to make a steak & ale pie as a very heart felt gift! A loved it & I o'so very proud of my pastry skills!

Pug bag - lol words can't describe!

Aztec Spa with a ticklish twist!

I thought as I hate that feeling when you get into the sea & something mysterious brushes past your feet! What better therapy that to plunge my naked feet into a tank of toe sucking fish? ...needless to say I laughed & squealed to the shock of onlookers at first - but as the lil critters went to work I found myself really enjoying it & my feet feel fab!!

Garra Rufa fishes

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

What lies beneath... FLESH EATING FISHES

I'm so excited & positively frightened i've just booked my first encounter with the Garra Rufa fishes. Tiny little karp that munch all the dead skin off your feet. For 15mins in the pool its £10 - bargain. I'll post my video at the end of the week.  I found this image on the Daily Express website.